The Power of Lynac Lithium


If the Battery Pack(s) or accessories do not meet the outlined performance criteria, a full refund or replacement is to be given immediately.

Seller assumes a standard 3 year direct replacement manufacturers warranty with 7 year prorated warranty total, provided the product is used/ maintained according to the recommended operational/ maintenance parameters that are to be agreed upon at the time of installation and/ or purchase. Solarwall series units come with 5 year direct, 10 year total warranty.

Life's Better with Lynac

Just an update on the lithium pack we put together for my Golf Cart, less than a year ago. Gone through 54 charging cycles without any performance issues.  I am able to play 27 holes in sequence on a hilly course without any problem.  The most common comments I get are – Did you get your cart lifted?  The weight difference between the Lynac batteries and the 6 Trojans is about 300 pounds!

-- Rick

Golf Cart Build Testimonial


Lightweight, powerful and stable. Feel safe motoring ahead with high energy density and super-fast charging capability.


Maximizing energy storage efficiency and deep cycling capability is key for any renewable energy system. Set and forget - reliable, maintenance-free with extra-long cycle life.


Safe, compact, and powerful. We know there is no space to waste on-board, weight savings sail a long way. Charge fast and go!

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