Advantages of switching your cart to Lithium


Lynac Batteries offer significantly less weight, boosting your cart's overall performance, increasing your range and acceleration.

LFP battery weight vs Lead-Acid batteries
LFP battery vs lead-acid battery golf cart image

Ease of Ownership:

With Lynac batteries you will no longer need to hassle with 6 to 8 different batteries, instead, you will only need 1 that is maintenance-free! This means no trickle charging or top-ups. For winter storage simply disconnect and leave it or bring it inside and forget about it until the next golf season!


Life Cycle:

Our Batteries are built to last, delivering 6000 Cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge with a 10 + year lifespan. Forget about buying another power supply for your golf cart!


LFP battery cycle life image
Paring App with LFP battery

Bluetooth Monitoring:

We also offer unique Bluetooth batteries for tidy monitoring through our App!
With our easy-to-use app, you can Monitor: Voltage, Current, Temperature, and State of Charge, so you can see every aspect of how your battery is performing.



Charge Efficiency:

With up to 6x faster charging, our LFP batteries offer 2x the Charge Efficiency of Lead-Acid batteries. Ensuring your back on the course quickly.