We have the perfect batteries for any solar setup. Whether you are installing solar in your home, camp, cottage, boat, or RV, these are the batteries for you. Are you currently using lead acid? You are going to be blown away by Lynac Lithium. With 98% charge efficiency, stop wasting your solar panels!

Do you want to stop replacing your batteries? Lynac Lithium batteries provide 10x the lifespan over lead! Keep the lights on longer with twice the usable energy of lead acid. Still not good enough? Get even more usable energy with our TRUE SERIES batteries, with 20% more energy than labeled, and get access to every last drop of power from your batteries.

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Life's Better with Lynac

I just wanted to say that I bought a 300AH lithium phosphate battery from you to install into my Jayco trailer in conjunction with Renogy solar panels and Renogy 40A MPPT controller.  I have been on the road for 30 days thus far across Canada and it has worked amazingly.  We are completely off grid all the time and never have to worry about our current power consumption.

-- Jack

Designed in Canada