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These are the perfect batteries for any application. Whether you want to be ahead of the rest in trolling, or keep your electronics running longer and lightweight, or want a deep cycle marine battery for your accessories, these are the batteries for you. If you are currently using lead acid batteries on your boat, you are going to be blown away by Lynac Lithium. These batteries are Lightweight! Do you want the same power for ¼ the weight, or 4 times the power for the same weight?

Do you need lithium trolling motor batteries? These will get you out there faster with 6x faster charging than conventional batteries. Stay out on the water longer with twice the usable energy of lead acid. Still not good enough? Get even more usable energy with our TRUE SERIES batteries, with 20% more energy than labeled, and get access to every last drop of power from your batteries.

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Life's Better with Lynac

Man I am super impressed with this battery!!!!! I was out for just about three hours and only used 5% of the battery! Excuse my language but that battery is #&*[email protected] awesome!!!!

-- Jay Brown

Lithium Battery used on a kayak

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