5kW Basic Solar Bundle


The Basic Solar Bundle is a great start for anyone looking to switch to solar energy.
This bundle offers full customization of products at a discounted price.

Items included in the bundle: 425W Solar Panel – Hanwha Q.PEAK DUO L-G8.3, 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller, In-Line MC4 Solar Fuse, and MC4 Solar Connector – M/F Pair with 10AWG Pins.

Optional add-ons to the bundle: 2 Meter 4AWG Stranded Copper Wire, 3 Meter 10AWG PV Solar Cable, Solar Panel Mounting – Z Brackets, 12.8V 60Ah – True Series Battery, and 12.8V 100Ah – True Series Battery.


425W Solar Panel - Q.PEAK DUO L-G8.3

$294.30 each

In stock

30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

$159.30 each

In stock

In-Line MC4 Solar Fuse

$20.49 each

MC4 Solar Connector - M/F Pair with 10AWG Pins

$6.00 each

4AWG Stranded Copper Wire

10AWG PV Solar Cable

Solar Panel Mounting - Z Brackets

12.8V 60Ah - True Series

12.8V 100Ah - True Series