51.2V 10.8Ah – Rocket Pack

Made for Electric Vehicles and E-bikes. Slim and powerful design, easily mountable power.

Rocket Pack – Supercharged BMS ensures you get maximum juice out of our battery cells. Up to 3C! Designed to handle Electric Motor surges and deliver the Horsepower and Torque you need to drive!

Upgrade to our new Platinum Series Case. Connection and Monitoring option available to suite.



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Rated Capacity: 10.8Ah, 553Wh
Nominal Voltage: 51.2 Vdc
Cycle Life: 2000 @ 0.2C (100% DOD), 3200 @ 0.2C (80% DOD), 5000+ @ 0.2C (50% DOD)
Dimensions: L 216 × W 82.55 × H 145mm (8.5 x 3.25 x 5.7”)
Weight: 4.8kg (10.58lbs)
Battery Management System: Short Circuit, Current, Voltage, Cell Balancing
Cells: IFR26650 3.6Ah LiFePO4, 16S3P
Charging Method: Constant Current - Constant Voltage (CC - CV): (0.2C to 57.6Vdc) - (57.6Vdc to 0.01C)
Voltage Limits: Charge: 58.4Vdc, Discharge: 40Vdc
Current Limits: Charge: 10.8Adc, Discharge: 60Adc
Temperature Limits: Charge 0 ~ 45°C, Discharge -20 ~ 55°C, Storage -20 ~ 55°C
Connectivity: Series: N/A, Parallel: Unlimited* (51.2Vdc)
Terminal Connector: 14AWG Wire Lead (300mm)/ Anderson PP45 Connector
Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer with 7 Year Prorated
Ingress Protection: IP65