48V Golf Cart Bundle


The 48V Golf Cart Bundle offers an easy way for you to put together your Golf Cart battery system. Select the battery and check out it’s that easy!
Note: if you choose the 4+ 100Ah or 4+ 60Ah True Series make sure you also add balancers.

Why should you use Lithium for your Golf Cart?

Outstanding Performance:
Besides being compact and powerful, LiFePO4 will maintain a higher constant output Voltage, even at high discharge rates. Your cart will benefit from smooth long-lasting power. Performance is largely unaffected by Temperature and Power swings with almost no Voltage dip. They can also be used in any orientation with zero performance issues.

Four times the energy density of existing deep cycle batteries, giving you half the weight and size!

Maintenance Free:
LiFePO4 batteries are truly labor-free once installed and do not suffer any cycle memory effect. They prefer to rest in a partially charged state, and with a very low self-discharge rate, you can simply leave them alone! No equalization, topping up or maintenance charging required.

Fast Charging:
Get back out there faster! With near perfect charge absorption efficiency, and only two required charging stages – LiFePO4 can be charged optimally, even at very high rates.

Cost Effective:
It isn’t cheap switching to lithium but in the long run, it’s worth it, the life span of an average LiFeP04 battery is 5X longer than even the best lead battery. Our batteries last 3200 – 6000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge. That’s a 10 year life cycle!

51.2V 72Ah - Platinum Series

12.8V 100Ah - True Series

12.8V 60Ah - True Series

12V 3A Battery Balancer - Equalizer

15A 57.6V LFP Smart Charger - Sealed Onboard

$291.65 each

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