12V 3A Battery Balancer – Equalizer

Modular battery bank equalizer for series connected 12V batteries. Ensure proper balancing of 12V banks ranging from 24Vdc to 72Vdc. Compatible with existing Battery Management Systems (BMS). Eliminate battery pack Voltage drift during charge and discharge. Increase usable power output, system efficiency and ensure your batteries stay healthy.
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Dynamic Energy Transfer – 3Amps
Battery Types – LiFePO4, AGM, GEL, Lead Acid
Working Voltage 9Vdc – 15Vdc per battery
Power Consumption <50mW
Battery Bank Configurations (Voltage): 2S(24Vdc) – 3S(36Vdc) – 4S(48Vdc) – 5S(60Vdc) – 6S(72Vdc)