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Ben Melo

My name is Ben Melo and I am a tournament angler from Kingston Ontario. I compete in the Renegade Bass Tour Series. I spend the whole summer fishing big water and long hours sometimes by myself so I need equipment I can rely on. Last year I was fortunate enough to join the team at Lynac Lithium and started using their 60ah true series batteries for my 112lb Ultrex. These batteries are incredible!! The first thing you’ll notice is the weight. 3 of these 60ah batteries weigh less than 1 of the group 31 batteries I was using. The power in these batteries seem to be endless. I’ve used them on everything from small back lakes to the big water of Lake Ontario to fighting the rushing current in the St. Lawrence river. I’m usually on the water for 8-14 hours a day and I’m pretty heavy on the trolling motor pedal when out prefishing. I’ve never been able to run them dead despite my best effort. I could probably fish for 2-3 days or more on a single charge and not worry about them leaving me stranded. If you only have a few hours between outings and you want to top off your batteries, that’s not a problem either. Just plug in your charger and within a few short hours your batteries will be full and your ready to go. Anyone thinking about upgrading their old lead acid or AGM batteries will not be disappointed with Lynac Lithium batteries. They’re a Canadian company offering incredible batteries at a great price!! If anyone has questions please feel free to contact me anytime and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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Multi-species angler, David Chong is one of Canada’s best-known tournament competitors. He is an advocate for accessible fishing for all and getting youth involved in fishing. He has been a part of and a great supporter for youth and educational initiatives like the “Catch a Dream!” Kids Fishing Derby and the “Everything You Wanted to Know About Fishing but were afraid to ask…” David is a regular contributor for “Big Jim’s Just Fishing” publication and enjoys sharing his knowledge about fishing to anglers of all calibres! David is extremely excited about running the Lynac Lithium batteries on his Skeeter bass boat for his Garmin Force trolling motor and LiveScope. “It’ll be such a relief to know that I’ll never run out of power!” Chong relates as today’s electronics put a much higher draw on your marine batteries!
You can follow David on several social media platforms and feel free to reach out with any questions, you might have.

Life's Better with Lynac

Man I am super impressed with this battery!!!!! I was out for just about three hours and only used 5% of the battery! Excuse my language but that battery is #&*[email protected] awesome!!!!

-- Jay Brown

Lithium Battery used on a kayak

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