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I just wanted to say that I bought a 300AH lithium phosphate battery from you to install into my Jayco trailer in conjunction with Renogy solar panels and Renogy 40A MPPT controller.  I have been on the road for 30 days thus far across Canada and it has worked amazingly.  We are completely off grid all the time and never have to worry about our current power consumption.

Jay Brown

Man I am super impressed with this battery!!!!! I was out for just about three hours and only used 5% of the battery! Excuse my language but that battery is #&*[email protected] awesome!!!!


I purchased 4 100AH batteries from you back in November. I finally got them hooked up to my system. So far working awesome.

When I’m hooked up to my shoreline, my Victron inverter is pulling in about 95 amps. Since my batteries are in parallel, each battery is getting about 23 amps of charge.

Canadian Solar Battery Bank Setup

P. Hemens

I purchased a series of Lynac LIFePO4 100AH batteries to replace older wet-cell deep cycle batteries in our RV. I was looking for a solution that would give me increased capacity, (much) lower weight and improved voltage stability for heavy draw situations. I’m very pleased to say that they have delivered on all counts!

I could not be happier with my purchase. From day one, Lynac and Conor have provided superlative customer service – answering all my many questions before, during and after they were bought and installed. I was so happy I went back and bought another one! The purchase process was painless, the batteries were delivered as promised in excellent shipping packaging, and Conor made sure that I was happy all the way. Cannot recommend more highly!

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