Lithium Ion Vs Lead-Acid Batteries

LFP battery vs lead-acid battery golf cart image

This is a topic that most people are asking, why should I make the switch to Lithium batteries when Lead-Acid are way cheaper?
This is true Lead-Acid Batteries are cheaper than Lithium, but you are paying for what your getting, Lithium batteries have 10X the life span of their Lead-Acid counterparts, as well as, 4X the total power, 4X faster charging, half the cost per kWh, and on top of that are maintenance-free, safer, better for the environment and half the weight and size.
The value you will receive from a Lithium battery is not even comparable to Lead-Acid, see the chart below for more information about how our 12.8V 100Ah batteries compare to Lead-Acid batteries.