Greg Linton

My Son loved riding his Oset 12.5 until the battery died and would no longer hold a charge. I searched the internet for replacements and found OEM batteries that were 100’s of dollars and assumed they were no better than the ones I had. I looked at an upgrade but again, the batteries available cost almost a third of the bike’s value. The bike sat unused for a year until I heard about a Canadian battery company that manufactured lithium batteries at a reasonable cost. I ordered a couple online to build a 24V battery but they wouldn’t fit inside of the bike so I contacted Connor at Lynac to discuss the use case for these batteries. Connor had experience with Oset’s in the past and built me out a custom 24V battery that fits perfectly in the frame of the bike. The battery weighs less than half of the original and to date seems to last around twice as long as the OEM batteries.
Great customer service, fantastic products, Thank you!