The Power of Lynac Lithium


Lynac Lithium Technology can in no way, shape or form be held responsible for damages or injury caused by the misuse, abuse or mistreatment of our products. All battery technology is inherently dangerous. Please carefully read or properly ensure understanding of all Lynac Lithium Technology documentation before using or handling our products. Please consult industry professional help if you are unclear in any form about our product uses, operations, maintenance, limitations or safety requirements.

Life's Better with Lynac

Man I am super impressed with this battery!!!!! I was out for just about three hours and only used 5% of the battery! Excuse my language but that battery is #&*[email protected] awesome!!!!

-- Jay Brown

Lithium Battery used on a kayak


Lightweight, powerful and stable. Feel safe motoring ahead with high energy density and super fast charging capability.

Renewable Energy

Maximizing energy storage efficiency and deep cycling capability is key for any renewable energy system. Set and forget - reliable, maintenance free, prolonged cycle life. 


Safe, compact and powerful. We know there is no space to waste on-board, weight savings sail a long way!

Designed in Canada