Advantages to Switching your Golf Cart to Lithium

Advantages of switching your cart to Lithium Weight: Lynac Batteries offer significantly less weight, boosting your cart’s overall performance, increasing your range and acceleration. Ease of Ownership: With Lynac batteries you will no longer need to hassle with 6 to 8 different batteries, instead, you will only need 1 that is maintenance-free! This means no … Read more

Lynac’s Clear Battery Project

Lynac’s Clear Battery Project This project’s goal was to show customers and partners what our battery’s internal cells and wiring look like using a 12V 110Ah Platinum Series battery cells in custom plastic casing. We also added internal LEDs to make our battery pop even that much more. In the future, we plan to use … Read more

How to add a Monitor to a 36V or 48V LFP System

How to add a Monitor to a 36V LFP System In the image provided we show how to add a monitor to your 36V LFP system. You start out connecting your negative wire to the output to the P- side of the shunt, you will then connect the B- side of the shunt to your … Read more

Difference between a Series and Parallel

Difference between a Series and Parallel In this image, we show you what the difference is between a series and a parallel setup. The Parallel setup means that the voltage will stay the same but the AMP Hour will increase by however much the battery added is, in this case, all the batteries in this example are … Read more

Charging 36V & 48V LFP batteries with a single bank charge

Charging 36V & 48V LFP batteries with a single bank charger Charging a single 36V LFP Battery To charge a single 36V LFP battery is very simple, all you need to do is put the M8 ring connector that you receive with your Lynac charger on the negative and positive (wires are coloured as such). … Read more

Solar Tower Green Initiative

Solar Tower Green Initiative with Lynac Lithium LFP batteries We have been honoured to help make the SLT-6 Solar Light Tower at the Kicking Horse Canyon construction site in BC using our 12.8V 100Ah Low-Temperature Batteries. This tower operates year-round and is powered by 100% renewable energy. It’s being used to illuminate the site at … Read more

LFP Lithium Ion Vs Lead-Acid Batteries

(LFP) Lithium Ion Vs Lead-Acid Batteries This is a topic that most people are asking, why should I make the switch to Lithium batteries when Lead-Acid are way cheaper? This is true Lead-Acid Batteries are cheaper than Lithium, but you are paying for what your getting, Lithium batteries have 10X the life span of their … Read more