Jay Brown

Kayak Pic

Man I am super impressed with this battery!!!!! I was out for just about three hours and only used 5% of the battery! Excuse my language but that battery is #&*$@ awesome!!!!

P. Hemens

I purchased a series of Lynac LIFePO4 100AH batteries to replace older wet-cell deep cycle batteries in our RV. I was looking for a solution that would give me increased capacity, (much) lower weight and improved voltage stability for heavy draw situations. I’m very pleased to say that they have delivered on all counts! I … Read more


I just wanted to say that I bought a 300AH lithium phosphate battery from you to install into my Jayco trailer in conjunction with Renogy solar panels and Renogy 40A MPPT controller.  I have been on the road for 30 days thus far across Canada and it has worked amazingly.  We are completely off grid … Read more


I purchased 4 100AH batteries from you back in November. I finally got them hooked up to my system. So far working awesome. When I’m hooked up to my shoreline, my Victron inverter is pulling in about 95 amps. Since my batteries are in parallel, each battery is getting about 23 amps of charge.

Greg Linton

My Son loved riding his Oset 12.5 until the battery died and would no longer hold a charge. I searched the internet for replacements and found OEM batteries that were 100’s of dollars and assumed they were no better than the ones I had. I looked at an upgrade but again, the batteries available cost … Read more

Rick Weidel

LFP Golf Cart Testimonial Image

Just an update on the lithium pack we put together for my Golf Cart, less than a year ago. Gone through 54 charging cycles without any performance issues.  I am able to play 27 holes in sequence on a hilly course without any problem.  The most common comments I get are – Did you get … Read more

Ryan Klassen

Purchased 3 of your 100Ah True Series batteries for my 5th wheel in the spring. I have them hooked up in parallel along with 620W of solar and a 3000W inverter. Camped on and off-grid this summer. Went over a week a couple of times, once with little solar due to tree coverage. Batteries exceeded … Read more

Jeff Wilson

Lithium Battery Setup

Lynac Batteries make the difference when Fishing!   Over this last year, I have continuously pushed my equipment to the limits! Fishing both the Mighty St.John river for smallmouth and the Miramichi River for Striped bass. Both rivers seeing many days with 4-5  mile an hour currents. It was a surprising pleasure when I realized … Read more