Lithium Power
when you need it

Lithium Power
where you want it

Lithium Power
when you want it

Power Than Lead Batteries
The Cycle Life
Cost Per KWH/Cycle
Faster Charging Time

Why Lynac Lithium

It is time to rethink everything power, Lithium battery power.  We are Canada's LiFePO4 energy provider, proudly surging into the future of deep cycle lithium battery technology for the masses.  Real Innovative Sustainability

12v LiFePO4 Batteries by Lynac


Life's Better with Lynac

I purchased a series of Lynac LiFePO4 100Ah batteries to replace older wet-cell deep cycle batteries in our RV. I was looking for a solution that would give me increased capacity, (much) lower weight and improved voltage stability for heavy draw situations. I’m very pleased to say that they have delivered on all counts!

-- Paul

Lynac Lithium 12V 100Ah LLT LiFePO4 LFP Deep Cycle Battery


Lightweight, powerful and stable. Feel safe motoring ahead with high energy density and super fast charging capability.

Renewable Energy

Maximizing energy storage efficiency and deep cycling capability is key for any renewable energy system. Set and forget - reliable, maintenance free, prolonged cycle life. 


Safe, compact and powerful. We know there is no space to waste on-board, weight savings sail a long way!